Storing your data in our cloud allows your business to keep all its information safe in Managedfuture’s secure facility off your premises. This means you can access it from anywhere and at any time – all you need is your unique and encrypted User ID and password. Since your data will be stored with us, you are not responsible for maintenance costs or general upkeep, making this solution the most cost effective for small to medium businesses. 


Our cloud features: 

  • 99.9% uptime 
  • Faster file access 
  • Constant file and data back up
  • Data breach detection
  • Storage in Managedfuture’s secure offsite Canadian facility 
  • Unique permissions and sharing within your organization



What is the Cloud and how do I use it?

Managedfuture Cloud is a safe space for your data and applications to be stored away from your business’s location. This way, you can access your content from any authorized device enabled by your personal user account. When you sign up for the Managedfuture Cloud service, our team will do a thorough analysis of your company’s current infrastructure and recommend a solution tailored to your needs. Then, your data will be transferred to the Cloud and Managedfuture will begin to oversee efficient data-management operations. The benefit of this is that your machine will not go through any major wear and tear, since the enterprise level Cloud server will handle all your requests. Everything you see on your end is simply a display of your Cloud. Managedfuture will continually monitor, maintain, and improve your Cloud’s performance to make sure that your business runs smoothly. Our Cloud works hand-in-hand with our Business Continuity Planning service, so if disaster ever strikes, your information is safe and your business can resume operations.


Is the Cloud secure?

Security is the top concern for our clients. Your security is our priority - after all, you are entrusting Managedfuture with your most proprietary information. Our goal is to keep your data safe under any circumstances, so we use a process known as Data Encryption to make sure we can deliver on our promise of security. Data Encryption works exactly like it sounds: your information is processed into a unique, one-time use code on its way to the Managedfuture Cloud. Our Cloud has the key required to unlock the unique code, so once your information reaches the Cloud server, it is decoded and stored safely. When you access data stored on the cloud, it is still encrypted on its way out. Every time data is transferred between your machine and the Cloud, a new code and key are generated to make sure that the connection remains stable and impenetrable to external threats. Our trusted network and server technicians are always monitoring the Managedfuture Cloud to detect any attempted data breaches, or suspicious requests. As a business owner, we understand that most of our clients want full control of their data and permissions to prevent internal security breaches. With the Managedfuture Cloud, you can specify which users are allowed to view and manipulate certain files, which lets you stay in control of your information. Click here to learn more about Managedfuture’s security services.


What about disasters and power outages?

The Managedfuture Cloud is carefully managed in our secure facilities. If a natural disaster or power outage occurs, our Cloud servers are equipped with data redundancy. Every day, our Cloud backs up all information to another off-site server located in a different geographical location. For example, if there is an earthquake on the west coast, your data back-up will be accessed through a server on the east coast instead. This means that your information is still accessible and safe, even if Managedfuture’s facilities are affected by a natural disaster. If there is a power outage at the site of the Cloud, our server will automatically switch to a UPS or diesel generator so that your services remain uninterrupted.


How much does the Cloud cost?

With a Cloud server, you will only pay for what you actually use. Because of this, Cloud is a cost-effective option for many small to medium sized businesses. If your business is growing and requires more space on the Cloud, Managedfuture can easily expand your storage space and change your plan without interrupting your services. The overall cost of using the Cloud is client-dependent, but we are more than happy to discuss what will work best for your business.