Additional to our other services, we offer several technology hardware parts at discounted retail prices. These can be added to your solution or purchased separately. 

  • Servers
  • Desktop computers
  • Printers
  • Laptops
  • Phones 


Why Should I Care About Hardware?

Technology is constantly changing, and this means that hardware may need to be upgraded to keep up with the technological advancements. When new operating systems or applications developments are released, Managedfuture wants to make sure that your resources are being used as efficiently as possible. If your company is running on an outdated server or desktop, your experience will be subpar. You will likely experience slow loading times, glitches, screen lag, computers that get unusually warm, and various other inefficiencies. The main problem with this, is that it becomes wasted time for your business and your company productivity will decrease. Having hardware that is up to date will allow processes to run faster and give users the capability of better time-management. Managedfuture understands that time is a very valuable resource, so we want to provide you with as much as we can. Upon evaluation of your hardware, Managedfuture can suggest and provide what the best solution would be.


What Should I Do When My Hardware is Outdated?

Technology fully advances every 3-5 years, and that is when most users begin to notice their older devices becoming slower and less responsive. Managedfuture can work with you to develop a Hardware Life Cycle plan, that allows us to evaluate your business practices and upgrade your hardware when its needed. Older hardware is also more susceptible to failure, which can result in longer periods of downtime for your business. Managedfuture advocates for taking preventative measures so that you never run into issues that may hinder your productivity. 


What Are Some Common Hardware Problems?

A lot of clients experience hardware problems, without realizing that they are hardware problems. As technology progresses, applications require more power. For example, a computer that has loud fan noises and becomes very warm with use, can generally be attributed to a Central Processing Unit (CPU) that is working a lot harder than it should be. If you have too many applications and windows open, your computer’s hardware may not be able to handle so many tasks at once. This results in a slower user experience, which can be easily avoided by upgrading to hardware designed to handle heavier tasks.