Managedfuture provides security services that protect your information, whether its stored in-house, or off premises. Businesses face the pressure of data security when it comes to information theft, targeted malware, or resource constraints. Our goal is to make sure that your data stays encrypted and guarded, so that you can focus on what most important to your business.  


Managedfuture offers data security in 6 different categories: 

  • On-site Consulting
  • Perimeter Management
  • Anti-Virus
  • Managed Security Monitoring: 
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing 
  • Compliance Monitoring 


What is Data Security?

In the era of technology, data is a company’s lifeline and most valuable resource. However, if something is valuable to you, it’s very likely that it is also valuable to others – and this makes your information a target. The question is not if a data breach will occur, but when. Studies show that approximately 70% of businesses that experience any kind of data loss go out of business within their fiscal year, especially because they do not know a breach is occurring until it’s too late. Managedfuture’s Data Security Services are designed to combat data breaches and protect what you value. Data breach doesn’t have to be external, users from within your organization can also steal information, which is why Managedfuture recommends implementing a robust IT policy on top of data security services. Our team closely monitors your data connections and user access for any questionable activity. We have prompt notifications set up for suspicious activity and attempted attacks, whether they are internal or external. When something is detected, the risk is mitigated immediately. Managedfuture also provides the option of educating your organization on how to avoid common security breach attempts, such as email phishing. 


How Can I Make Sure My Data Is Protected?

We recommend routine security testing to all of our clients. Managedfuture can test your organization’s current security infrastructure and point out any weaknesses, along with a plan on how to fix them. This is called Penetration Testing, and it is included in our Data Security Services. Managedfuture can also provide periodic security checks for your organization, so that you can see which users are complying with your IT policies. Whenever you are handling classified data, we also recommend making sure that you are using a secure connection. Using public wifi networks with no password required can make you susceptible to a silent data breach, in which case you will not even notice that someone has accessed your information.