Network & Server

Managing and storing your data can be difficult without the right infrastructure. With Managedfuture’s server and network services, you can be assured your files and access will always be organized and efficient. Servers can be installed, maintained, and connected to a network on your premises so that you know exactly where your files are when you need them. Our service features: 

  • Complete network optimization based on client requirements 
  • Segregated networks - VLANs
  • On-premises servers (complete domain environment)
  • 24/7 Support Services 
  • 99.9% Guaranteed up-time 


Where and How Is My Data Stored? Is It Secure and Reliable?

With Managedfuture’s Network & Server Management your data will be stored on your premises, which means it will be in your direct control. We highly encourage our clients to opt for an off-site data backup so that if anything goes wrong, there is a copy of your information stored in Managedfuture’s secure facilities. In terms of security, we want to make sure that you can rely on accessing your information when you need it. Receiving a notification that your backup was successful is usually not enough for peace of mind, so Managedfuture has the ability to perform recovery tests on the backed-up servers. These tests can be performed every quarter or annually, depending on client requirement. 


What If I Accidentally Delete Something? How Is My Data Backed Up?

Your data is backed up using 2 best practices: On-site and Off-site. An on-site data backup is done throughout the day, and all the information is stored on your premises. The frequency of these backups can be changed according to client needs, but Managedfuture recommends minimum once a day. Off-site data backups are done through the internet, where the server on your premises will communicate with the backup server in another location. This is to ensure that there is an accessible copy of your data elsewhere, in case something goes wrong at the on-site location. If you have an off-site backup, Managedfuture can ensure that your service will not be interrupted. Often times, clients will accidentally delete an important file or mistakenly remove a required application. Managedfuture is able to help you recover exactly what you need from the past*. The process of Disk Imaging is when the backup servers take “snapshots” of your system in a specific time period. Think of it like taking a picture, and being able to go back to the exact moment in time the picture was taken. Disk Imaging allows you to go back in time, and restore everything you had in that exact moment so it’s as if any mistakes you made never actually happened. The best part is that you do not have to restore everything from the past either - you can pick and choose what you would like to recover so that your new work is still up to date. 


*This is up to a certain point of time in the past, called a “Recovery Point”. Recovery points and requirements can be discussed and set up according to client needs.